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Wednesday May 14th

"Mixed Spirits" 

A Humorous Elixir

Botanic Lab

86 Orchard St, Manhattan



Joseph Conklin is an experienced comedian based out of the Bronx, and co-host/co-creator of the "hit" podcast Peanut Butter & Bullshit.


His intelligent, and often twisted perspective on life (and a total lack of ability to shut up about it), paired with his no holds barred style of performing, has helped him build a career in stand up comedy.


Conklin produces live stand-up comedy shows in Westchester County, NY with PB&BS Presents, and in NYC with Ringe Tinge, which you should definitely attend (unless, of course, you hate America).


As far as his PB&BS podcast is concerned... unfortunately, any jackass with an internet connection and microphones can have a podcast these days, but we like to think Joseph lends a great deal of unique insight to the airwaves. Do check it out.


That being said, Joseph is a great guy.

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